PARAFERNALIA® is an Italian brand which has, since 1968, combined creativity, style, modern aesthetics and Italian functionality by utilising the most advanced technologies in the creation of its models. Today, AL13 s.r.l company, owners of the brand, have as an objective, to return to the original philosophy –“ meeting point for ideas in design”.

Originality, innovation, fidelity to design "MADE IN ITALY" have always marked the realizations that carry this brand. Personal instruments that have become a sign of the times and silent status-symbols. Starting from model REVOLUTION, thanks to its innovative design, remains the pride of PARAFERNALIA®, up to the new born PATENT 1, derived from the research of extreme simplification of insertion and extraction mechanisms of the refill, each new model of PARAFERNALIA® has always attracted attention; all experts and amateurs have appreciated or criticised them, but they have never been left indifferent.

All of the components that compose the writing instruments and accessories are produced and assembled in Italy (with exception for the refills that are either Japanese or German). The goal has always been to create unique products that distinguished themselves from the usual, researching for this, new functionality and mechanisms. PARAFERNALIA® writing instruments are manufactured with top-quality materials using up-to-date techniques and are subjected to strict quality controls. We invite you to join us in this voyage in Italian design.



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