OMAS pens are renowned for their extraordinary balance, refined elegance and surprising tactility. These features are possible thanks to the use of natural materials which are difficult to process such as cotton resin, celluloid, wood, titanium, gold and silver. Processing of these materials ensures high quality products aimed at genuine collectors and enthusiasts.
First and foremost a pen is a creative tool, a means of expression. The design and creation of these tools requires a deep understanding of emotion and a passion for beautiful objects. This is the spirit with which OMAS has manufactured pens since 1925 and acts as a seal of guarantee.


OMAS pens have always been distinguished by their essential, elegant and timeless design and, as such, are synonymous with creative excellence in the fountain pen sector and Italian style in general. These prestigious writing jewels perfectly combine aesthetic aspects with extreme ease of use thanks to the blend of sophisticated image and writing pleasure.


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