The IO pen is the first pen to use the patented 'SupraSpin' mechanics that holds the pen together by magnets. This ensures that the pen suffers no wear and tear and it makes changing the refill especially easy. Incidentally, the magnets used have a lifetime of over 10,000 years.

The IO pen combines functionality and design. The tip is extended by a twist in either direction. In addition there is shock absorption that protects the refill and gives the pen an especially gentle feel when writing. The 'tail end' can be used as a PDA stylus.


USUS Crystal "i" Pen Was $25    Now $10

USUS Arctic "i"   Pen Was $25    Now $10

USUS Rubine "i" Pen Was $25    Now $10

USUS Purple "i"  Pen Was $25    Now $10

USUS Amber "i" Pen Was $25     Now $10