RETRO 1951 


WERE $49.95 NOW $20.00 (Postage within Australia $7.50)








Abbondanza in Italian means more of everything and that's what Retro's latest premier series brings. The barrels are turned from solid bars of acrylic resin for long life beauty and unparalleled writing comfort. For the good things in life more is always better.
ADB-801 Abbondanza Ballpoint                 WAS $160       NOW $90 SOLD OUT
Retro 51 Abbondanza More  Ballpoint Pen
ADF-801 Abbondanza Fountain Pen              WAS $235     NOW $120
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ARF-1346 Ivory Fountain Pen                        WAS $90      NOW $50 SOLD OUT
ARF-1862 Acrylic Red Fountain Pen                 WAS $90     NOW $50 SOLD OUT
ARF-1864 Acrylic Yellow Fountain Pen             WAS $80     NOW $50 SOLD OUT
Retro 51 Tornado Acrylic Yellow Fountain Pen
ARR-1562 Acrylic Folsom                                 WAS $50     NOW $30 SOLD OUT
ATS-1723 Pink Agenda & Credit Card Case    WAS$ 130      NOW $60

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ATT-1307 Blue Twin Pen                                 WAS $40       NOW $25

Retro 51 Tornado Twin Blue Ballpoint Pen

BSR-1080 Big Shot Infusion                            WAS $70        NOW $40 SOLD OUT

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BSR-2101 Big Shot Bocote Roller Ball               WAS $99        NOW $50.00 SOLD OUT

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EBP-1301P  Elite Tornado Black                      WAS $45         NOW $20

EBP-1311P  Elite Tornado Kiwi

EBP-1313P  Elite Tornado Pink     SOLD OUT

EBP-1315P  Elite Tornado Chrome

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LRR-1773 Carnation Croco Leather                    WAS $50        NOW $30 SOLD OUT


TIO- Black Thunder Tri Pen                                WAS $80       NOW $50

Retro 1951 presents the  "Thunder" 3-in-1 writing pen. With a strong, durable aluminum body and superior steel clip, this is one tri-motion pen that will blow your away! Click-top action with a cool grip makes it comfortable and easy to write with

RETRO51 サンダー マルチペン

TIO-1941 Blue Thunder Tri Pen                   WAS $80        NOW $50

Retro 1951 TIO-1941 Thunder 3-in-1 Writing Pen - Blazing Blue

TIO-1942 Pink Thunder Tri Pen                       WAS $80         NOW $50

Retro 51 Thunder Coral Pink Multi Functional Pen - TIO-1942

TRV-01 Black Leather Wallet with Stainless Pen   WAS $99         NOW $60


TRV-04 Brown Wallet with Brown Pen                    WAS $99       NOW $60 SOLD OUT

Retro 51 Traveller Folio with Notepad & Ballpoint Pen

TSB-007 Banker Blue Snapper Pen                         WAS $50      NOW $30 SOLD OUT

Retro 51 Tornado Snapper Ballpoint - Banker Blue

TSB-015 Chrome Snapper Pen                                      WAS $50            NOW $30

Retro 51 Tornado Snapper Ballpoint - Chrome

TSB-017 Dimples Snapper Pen                                        WAS $50           NOW $30

Retro 51 Tornado Snapper Ballpoint - Dimples

TSB-020 Confetti Snapper Pen                                       WAS $60            NOW $35

Retro 51 Tornado Snapper Ballpoint - ConfettiSOLD OUT

TSB-022 Streamer Snapper Pen             SOLD OUT           WAS $60           NOW $35

Retro 51 Tornado Snapper Ballpoint - Streamer