Writing with metal
Before the pencil was invented, medieval scholars used a silver tip
to draw fine lines. This archaic utensil served as the prototype for
the “beta inkless pens”.  

The tip is made of a specially developed AXL-metal-alloy which will
• write for a lifetime,
• on all types of paper,
• at any temperature and
• in all climatic conditions.
• There's no ink, so it won't dry up or leak.

The materials used are
• derived modern material research and are
• absolute environmentally and health-friendly
• no toxic materials!

Lifetime usage also means: The inkless pens are a sample for sustainability.


beta pen



CODE: be-pe-si      RRP $35 ( plus postage )




CODE: be-pe-bk     RRP $35 ( plus postage )





beta peg

CODE: be-pg     RRP $25 ( plus postage )



beta key ring

The beta,key ring is your companion in all situations. Small and secure, the pencil sits comfortably on a key ring with plenty of space for home, office and car keys. Always ready to write, beta,key ring is available in gray or black anodized aluminum. 


CODE be-k    RRP  $40 ( plus postage )




beta pocket pen

The beta,pocket pen with its screw-on cap is as practical and safe as the beta,key ring, but is just a little longer. Perfect for your handbag or pocket, beta,pocket pen is available in gray or black anodized aluminum.


CODE be-p    RRP  $40 ( plus postage )