For over 50 years Amodex Products, Inc has been an old friend to a world weary of stains. Our third generation, family-owned business was founded in 1958 by A. Peter & Silvia Fatse to provide the safest, most effective, stain solutions with friendly, helpful service.

As a printer in the 1950's,  A. Peter & Silvia were annoyed by the tricky carbon, hectograph and mimeo ink stains caused by the industry. These stains discolored hands and often permanently marked and ruined garments. To combat these troublesome stains, they set out to solve the problem. In 1957, they introduced a uniquely formulated cleaner, Amodex Hand Cleaner, which they marketed primarily to schools, banks and industry.

By 1958, Silvia and Peter left the printing business and founded Amodex Products, Inc.. While A. Peter "hit the road" promoting his products, Sylvia, maintained the day-to-day operations including raising their three children. Theirs was a true partnership, a lifelong example to our family that, as the company moves on to the third generation, we strive to reflect today.

Amodex’s 21st century vision is to continue providing consumers with the most effective ink & stain remover on the market by offering unparalleled customer service and a family eco-friendly product. We hope our Amodex Ink and Stain Remover will make a difference in people's lives by saving you money and treasured items, and strive to do so with the same pride and integrity of our founders for the next 50 years and beyond!



BP-101 30ml Bottle $15

10029D Pack of 10 Stain Wipes $15

MP-Trial Pack $2.50


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